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Friday, February 02, 2007

Kids poems

Sometimes other people's poems can act as inspiration for rhythm and structure. I found this kid's poem and then wrote one that sprung off of reading it:

December 26
by Kenn Nesbitt

A BB gun.
A model plane.
A basketball.
A 'lectric train.
A bicycle.
A cowboy hat.
A comic book.
A baseball bat.
A deck of cards.
A science kit.
A racing car.
A catcher's mitt.
So that's my list
of everything
Santa Claus
forgot to bring.

February 2
by Jill

a drink of gin
a twist of lime
a funny book
some more free time
a swizzle stick
a lounger chair
a wide brim hat
and summer wear
an attitude
that isn’t black
a brisk outlook
my humor back
a disposit-
tion- even- cool
a big hot tub
or swimming pool
a lease on life
that keeps me young
a dashing man
who is well sung
that’s a list that
alludes my brain
when trying hard
to appear sane