Muse Hang-Out

Muses, the messengers of creative inspiration, spiritual electricity and occasional episodes of feeling smart hang out at this blog. occasionally all nine of them break out in a harmonized version of simply singing the word "blog" and holding it for up to 10 minutes. desired effects of visiting this blog: flurries of ideas, spontaneous grins, compulsions to create. Visit for more Muses.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

"I want the one rapture of an inspiration." ~Gerard Manly Hopkins, a poet

"I have an inspiration, so I'm feeling one, maybe two raptures.
So I sit to write down my inspiration. A flying monkey swoops down and carries off my inspiration, my motivation, my ability to focus. And my grammar. Darn. Another monkey hands me the remote control to the TV. Thanks. Yet another one just flies by and smashes into the sliding glass door. He thought it was open. I just cleaned that window yesterday (when I was supposed to be writing)." -me

illustration by Jared Chapman